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Spa In Gurgaon - It is one of the best spa in gurgaon that gives you facility of spa and salon together. Lamour spalon is equipped with all latest equipments. Lamour spalon beleives in cutomer satisfaction.

pamper your senses... at Lamour Spa Gurgaon

Luxurious tailor-made treatment sessions created to de-stress,
soothe & revitalize by masseurs who are truly
highly skilled.

L'amour Spalon welcomes you to a luxurious day spa experience! L'amour Spa zone exudes a warm ambience for our guests to de-stress, soothe & revitalize. Uniquely created terrace garden, bringing you close to nature, an urban foot therapy lounge, Wi-Fi enabled waiting zone, Italian pedi-spa thrones, large treatment rooms with individual steam showers & music systems enable personalization and soothing spa experience. The specially crafted ceilings accentuate an over whelming sensation of warmth & comfort. We give the best facility at Lamour spaoln near Gurgaon

Your First Spa

A typical massage therapy session is between 40 and 90 minutes. Your massage will begin with the massage therapist introducing herself and explaining to you the features in the room e.g. customized music, night effects etc. There would be a brief discussion of symptoms, medical history and lifestyle. For best spa results, please talk to the message therapist about your likes/dislikes, medical conditions and other specifics.

Your massage therapist will provide you with disposables for you to change into. You will then lie face down on a padded massage bed with disposable sheets. All our message beds & therapy rooms are clean, hygienic and well maintained. The massage therapist will knock on the door to ensure you are ready. For a complete rejuvenating experience, there is an option of customizing


music in all rooms. Please let the therapist know if you want the room temperature to be increased or decreased. After the massage, the massage therapist will check with you if you would like to have a steam or regular shower. A ten minute steam session post your spa is good for relaxing muscles, detoxifying skin and rejuvenating mind.

She will explain the functioning of the shower chamber and check with you if you would want to have a hot beverage post your shower. Then she will leave the room so you can take shower and get changed while she keeps your beverage ready.

Spa Etiquette

When at the Spa